Cole Consulting Group

Indosole Australia

Indosole Australia is a sustainable shoe company based in Byron Bay.

Nick Riley, brought Indosole to the shores of Australia.  Nick was managing his own finances,  but was lagging behind and wasn’t really sure of how the business was tracking.  Indosole are set for a phase of growth and needed clarity on not only their numbers, but assurance their systems were optimised to handle increased volume.

How did Cole Consulting Group help this growing business:

  • Reconciliation of Xero file
  • Processing of supplier invoices and scheduling of batch payments
  • Reconciliation of Shopify, Afterpay, and Paypal
  • Reconciliation of Cin7 stock management and Xero
  • Monthly management reporting
  • Quarterly investor reporting
  • Rolling forecasting on a quarterly basis
  • Annual budget setting
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Nick said

“I can now say that Jess is 100% filling the role as CFO and if I need any advice on the finance or systems side of the business, she’s there to direct and lead."