Cole Consulting Group

Pacific Maintenance Group

Pacific Maintenance is a Newcastle based commercial property maintenance business. 

Kaleb Paten, Managing Director of Pacific Maintenance, has big dreams and plans to grow his business, but was struggling to articulate how to get there and wasn’t confident his numbers accurately reported how the business was tracking.

How did Cole Consulting Group help this budding entrepreneur:

  • Conducted a strategy session to clearly articulate WHAT the business direction was and HOW we were going to get there 
  • Redesigned staff roles in line with employee aspirations, enabling Kaleb to focus on the important things
  • Leveraged technology to align Kaleb’s team on client deliverables so nothing was ever missed in servicing his clients
  • Secured cashflow by adjusting business processes and integrating a new system to ensure clients were invoiced correctly
  • Outsourced the bookkeeping to our team to allow Kaleb to feel confident in his numbers
  • Engaged our CFO services to provide accurate financial reports monthly to gauge business health and support decision making
  • Monthly one on one catch ups to discuss all of the above!

Kaleb said

"Having Cole Consulting Group work within our business the past 12 months has been paramount to our success. I now have a clear understanding of our numbers, I have strategic direction, and I'm focused on doing what I do best: adding value to our clients and looking to our future".