Cole Consulting Group

Accounts Payable

At Cole Consulting Group we want to empower you to regain control over your finances.

We can help you manage your supplier bills and payments and provide insight on where your money is going.

Supplier Bill Processing

We can process your supplier bills in your Xero system, providing you full visibility of your outstanding bills.

Staff Reimbursements

We can implement a process to help you keep on top of reimbursements to staff and seamlessly integrate this process in your current supplier bill payment process.

Document Storage

Never worry again about storage of your Receipts and Invoices, and trying to track them down at tax time! We have solutions to help you keep on top of your paperwork.

Batch Payments

We can help you schedule your supplier payments, giving you confidence in what you owe your suppliers and when it is due to be paid. We will teach you how to securely download a batch file to securely pay multiple suppliers at once.

Statement Reconciliations

We will check your supplier statements to Xero to ensure we have everything processed in your file.

Purchase Orders

We can teach you to use purchase orders in Xero to streamline your supplier ordering process and we can match your invoices to these purchase orders to ensure the price you are being charged is accurate.