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Feeling a little hopeless trying to navigate your way around Xero?

Wasting copious amounts of time doing bookkeeping at night?

Not feeling so confident you are managing your business finances the easiest way?

Xero was basically designed to make it easier for Accountants and Business owners to communicate (goodbye USBs with back up files!). But that doesn't exactly help you run your business day to day.

Introducing our immersive 8 week course designed to empower you to take charge of your day to day business finances, win some time back and feel confident with smooth processes.

So here’s a little back story…

Originally I was a tax accountant, and after a few years  I realised that tax wasn’t really my passion (hats off to those tax wizards amongst us).  I shifted my focus and  took on a role as a Financial Accountant for the APAC region of a large multinational business.  This business had lots of moving parts (literally, it was in manufacturing) and I made it my mission while I was there to understand as much about the business as possible and optimise as many finance processes as possible.  Then I started helping other departments with their processes (yes, I was THAT person).

After about 7 years it was time for a change and I wanted to share my learnings with small business owners through Bookkeeping & CFO services.  I also focused heavily on setting up EFFECTIVE systems (I actually still do lots of this today), but I found that it was really hard for time poor business owners to develop EFFICIENT processes to suit these new programs.  
Geared with my work experience, a Bachelor of Commerce, a Masters of Business Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Practices* and a good attitude, I decided it was time to empower small business owners and make their life a lot easier.  Side bar, I’m actually a Registered Tax Agent too (still not passionate about tax), but I can talk the language.
*What even is that?  Essentially a degree in making processes simple.  Ironically, unlike the title of the degree.

I'm here to help you

Be the Hero of your Xero

What does the course include?

It's time for you to:
take the guess work out of Xero
remove that overwhelming feeling when you sit down to do your books
be confident in finance processes
and save some time doing your bookkeeping.

What will you learn?

Take the guess work out of it and be confident in your numbers by learning through the following modules:

Module 1: Reporting in Your Business
Setting your Xero file up for success so you can understand how your Business is performing.

Module 2: Quotes
Standardising your quote process and keeping track of your opportunity pipeline.

Module 3: Invoicing
Prepare consistently branded invoices for your clients.

Module 4: Repeating Invoices
Automate invoices that you process for customers on a regular basis.

Module 5: Overdue Reminders
Optimise your cashflow by automating your overdue invoice follow ups.

Module 6: Supplier Bills
Efficiently process your supplier bills and retain accurate records for your business.

Module 7: Batch Payments
Securely pay multiple suppliers and employees at once with a few simple clicks.

Module 8: Bank Rules
Consistently process those transactions that you never seem to have a receipt for.

Just how much time will I save?

Why should we pick Cole Consulting Group to learn from?

We are Xero Migration Specialists, Xero Advisor Certified, and Gold Partners of Xero.

You are learning all the tips and tricks from qualified bookkeepers who use this program every day on our own clients, plus we also use it in our business!

We will help you not only to learn WHAT the features are and WHY you should use them, but HOW to implement them in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately after your purchase you will receive access!

We recommend 8 weeks, or learn at your own pace up to 12 weeks.

Yes, you can if you like however our guide is to focus on one area at a time so that you can master this before learning something new.

Via the Calendly links supplied throughout the course.

After Module 1, after Module 5, and after Module 8.  However, feel free to arrange these check ins when you need them.  Everybody is different, so make it suit you!

Yes, you can book in an additional meeting if you are struggling with the course content.  For additional check ins fees may apply.

This course is perfect for existing Xero users who are struggling to unlock key Xero features to save them time.

We also encourage those considering a switch to Xero so you can see the benefits of this product and optimise your processes from the get go.


No, the course does not include establishment of these platforms.  However, we are happy to assist you with this process with one of our tailored packages.

Unsure if Xero is right for you?
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