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Will Xero work for me?

Gone are the days of hours spent poring over your business finances after a long day’s work. Xero has changed what it’s like to be a small business owner for the better.

Xero is a cloud-based small business accounting software that allows you to manage invoicing, bank reconciliations, inventory, purchasing, expenses, bookkeeping and so much more.

Worldwide, over two million small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers breathe a sigh of relief as their data and dollars are seamlessly managed from a device in the palm of their hands.

At Cole Consulting Group, we swear by Xero and the accounting benefits it provides to local small businesses. We’ve conducted countless conversions from other accounting platforms, like MYOB and QuickBooks, to Xero, but not a single client has asked to move from Xero to anything else. 

To us, this speaks volumes. Here’s why our clients haven’t looked back after working with Xero.

There is an option to suit every business

If you’re a start-up business, there’s a Xero package for you. If you’re a medium-sized business with 20 employees in the hospitality industry, Xero has a solution for you. 

If you get to the point where your business needs something more sophisticated than Xero, they have 1000 app partners that integrate with Xero to make life even easier.

For example, a tradie might need to know where their next job is coming from. Online job management apps like Tradify can integrate with Xero to create the ideal ‘app stack’ that’s completely unique to your business needs.

A subscription based model that helps your business grow

As a subscription-based model, when Xero introduces new features, you get access to them immediately and for free. So, no more download installs or desktop software updates to slow you down.

Their regular product updates and subscription options give business owners flexibility and the opportunity to enhance their workflow and increase efficiencies. The subscription model empowers businesses to be strategic and make informed decisions based off accurate numbers.

Improved accuracy and efficiency 

It’s all in the cloud. Everything is online and accessible via any for your devices, meaning you, and whoever needs to see the data, can access your finances at anytime, anywhere. 

Additionally, if your computer or phone is lost, stolen or damaged it won’t affect your business records. Your data is secure and saved on the cloud, ready for you to access it whenever you need it.

Mundane data entry is automated

Setting up your systems in Xero is outrageously intuitive. It’s like when you get a new iPhone and Apple don’t even give you an instruction booklet, they guide you through the process until everything is automated. 

This eases the mental load of essential tasks like payrolls, accounts payable, and automatic bank transactions. Xero takes care of all that for you.

Get the numbers right every time 

By converting to an accounting system like Xero you’re removing the need to manually calculate and input data. 

Every dollar and cent are instantly updated onto your Xero account directly from your bank. 

These efficiency savings and the availability of live data makes it easy to outsource your bookkeeping and accounting, giving you additional support to stay on top of your numbers.

It is ideal for bookkeepers and accountants

As bookkeepers, accountants and registered tax agents, there are certain Xero features that allow us to sharpen our services for our clients.

On Xero’s live dashboard we can see all activity within a client’s file giving us a holistic view of their finances. If a client calls with an issue, we can jump straight into their file and troubleshoot with no fuss.

We can also talk directly with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) to easily manage activity statements and lodgements through the ATO app that integrates with Xero.

Xero’s online resourcing is also worth a mention. If you wanted to manage your finances on Xero yourself, there’s a wealth of online resources like blogs, community pages and support articles that provide clear answers.

Xero empowers small business

There are no excuses for poor bookkeeping anymore. Every business owner now has the capability to have control of their numbers and understand how their business is performing at all times, because platforms like Xero make it THAT easy.

Think back to why you started your business. Xero frees up time to step away from the nitty gritty aspects of the financials, and lets you get back to doing what you’re passionate about.

Xero gives you time back to spend with family and friends at night and on weekends. Xero will change your relationship with your business’s numbers for the better.

At Cole Consulting Group, we spend most of our days exploring the intricate world of Xero. We’re passionate about empowering businesses to learn and implement Xero into their everyday work lives.

If you’re ready to convert your accounting system across to Xero or if you have a Xero question, get in touch! We’d love to chat. 

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